Blue Flower

Welcome to my site. 


My name is Mark Boyle. I have been a web developer for over 25 years, and decided to finally set up my own site. I have been collecting photos, and writing thoughts, stories, memories, etc... for several years now. I figured it was about time to put it all in one place, and this is the website I came up with. It is a work in process, and is constantly growing, but that is kind of the idea...

In the upper right corner you will see a list of 'Tags'. these make it easy to see all the pages on a certain subject of sorts. For example, I have decided to put up pages on the places I visit. I give them all a "Travel" tag, so if you click on the Travel option, you will see all the pages that have the Travel tag.

If this is your first time visiting, you will not see a lot. Most of my articles are not available to just everyone. To access more information, you will need a login and password. To get that process started, click the Create an Account link below the login area, and you will be directed to a page to register for a login. Once you submit your request, your account will be created and a verification link will be sent to the email address you entered. Next you must verify the account by selecting the verification link when you get the email and then an administrator will activate your account before you can login. I know it takes a bit, but I am trying to keep the security on this site very secure.

If the registration is taking longer than you would like, you can contact me through my contact me page or through whatever means you normally contact me.

I have designed an awesome platform here to share media. I hope you like it.